How it works. International Money Transfer Service



multi currency invoices
into your Xero account

step-1 step-1-screen

Login to and view your unpaid multi currency invoices.

Once you have your xero account open, this will synch to your account and present all multi currency invoices due to be paid.

Select each invoice that you wish to pay. You can also adjust the amount due to be paid so that you can part pay invoices.

step-2 step-2-screen


Live Exchange Rates

View Live Exchange Rates. Once you are happy to book,simply select and confirm payment.

step-3 step-3-screen


On Screen and Email Receipt

View Receipt confirmation that these vendor bills have now been paid and posted back to Xero.

You will receive an on screen confirmation as well as an automated email to show you where to do a local transfer to complete your payment to complete the booking.

Welcome to a cheaper way of making your multi currency payments.

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